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My knives are completely custom and unique. Each knife is one-of-a-kind.

All kitchen knives include the following:

  • Stabilized wood handle w/colored liners

  • Super tough AEB-L stainless steel

  • Professional heat treat to 62 hrc (includes cryo)

  • Black acid finish

  • Free *lifetime sharpening (*yours or mine, whichever comes first)

2020 Price List (subject to change without notice):

Knife Style



Gyuto Style

Gyuto Style

Gyuto Style



7" to 8"

9" to 10"

10" +








Kitchen Knife Add-Ons: 

  • Exotic wood handle $30-50

  • Exotic wood w/colored resin $50-70

  • Hand satin finish $100-$150

  • Handmade wooden saya (sheath) $65

  • Custom saya engraving / inlay $75 +

Pricing Note:

My aim is to make you a very special knife that you'll be able to hand down to your kids, and them to their kids, and so on.

I consider knife making more of a professional hobby than a full-time business. Because of that I spend *way* too much time on each knife I make, and agonize over the smallest details (that no one else will notice). That's my cross to bear. You get a kick ass knife.

While some people may think these prices are expensive, I'd ask you to consider how much you paid for your last phone or laptop- and think about how long that will last you. In comparison, I believe these knives are a great deal and will give several lifetimes of enjoyment.

Custom Kitchen Knives Handmade in the USA


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